VIDEO: Suspect Accused Of Killing Nipsey Hussle Arrested

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The suspect that police indicated that was the one who killed a Nipsey Hussle gunning him down in cold blood has been arrested.

The police revealed that they had caught up with the killer in L.A. and proceeded to put him into custody without an incident.

Police will allege that Eric Holder, 29, walked up to Nipsey Hussle in the company of others outside his Marathon shop in L.A. and shot him 6 times killing him at the scene.

Police have also indicated that the motive may have been personal in nature but did not reveal any more information.

Word on the street is that Eric had just been released from prison and came to Nipsey’s store trying to hang!

Nipsey is said to have respectfully refused the man the opportunity which according to our source made him feel disrespected, went away and came back with a gun shooting.

Watch the video below for more details.

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