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Watch El Chapo Get Send To The Dentist While In US Prison But It Is What They Did With His Eyes That Will Shock You

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El Chapo the drug lord billionaire who is currently serving a life sentence in prison is a man of public interest even in lock up and American authorities appear to have studied this man in detail to know how he used to make his prison breaks in the past.

Chapo sought to be taken to the dentist and the authorities accepted for him to be transported to the dentist but it is what they did with his eyes that has shocked many!

El Chapo is shown in what looks like a waiting room and with his eyes covered with bandages because authorities believe that he uses his eyes to send coordinates to his cartel and that’s how he gets to break out of prison with their aid.

In other news reaching our NEWSdesk is that El Chapo has also appealed his case claiming that he received unfair trial. We will keep you informed as this story unfolds.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.


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