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Watch Gucci Mane Spend $150K To Get Covid-19 Test Before Video Shoot

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Everybody is doing whatever they can to stay safe and keep the chances of them getting the monster covid-19 infection at bare minimum.

But nobody encompasses that effort like Gucci Mane who was shooting a video for one of his song the other day and made everyone take a covid-19 test despite the fact that they were doing most of it outdoors!

The other day Cardi B revealed that she had spend $100K in her WAP video shoot to have everybody involved get a covid-19 test.

We asked Gucci if this was the same case with his video shoot and one of his people responded to us by noting that he spend in the upwards of $150K because he had more people present at the shoot.

Check out the video of Gucci getting the covid-19 test below and let us know in the comments down below what was the part you hated most about the test or like most about the test in the comments down below if you at all have taken it.

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