Watch Kylie Jenner Ink A Tattoo On Travis Scott

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Kylie Jenner personally tattooed her boyfriend on the night. The 21-year-old reality television star is seen permanently inking her baby daddy in a video posted by NYC based tattoo artist JonBoy on Saturday.

He captioned: ‘T.S.[heart emoji] K.J.’ which gave a hint of what the tattoo might read. The make-up mogul is seen wearing black surgical gloves as she holds the tattoo pen to his arm.

She is concentrating hard as she adds to the tattoo before Travis is seen smiling at the result. It was thought the couple got matching tattoos on the night.

The power couple already have matching butterfly tattoo on their ankles in an apparent reference to her partner’s song Butterfly Effect. The bash went down Tuesday night at an undisclosed location that was decorated to look like a foggy gas station.

And they weren’t the only ones getting inked on the night as Scott got a matching tattoo with his 35-year-old rapper buddy Kid Cudi.

The artist JonBoy had revealed his new art on Instagram on Thursday, posting a series of photos with the rappers. The word RAGER in a blocky, all-caps font is seen in clear view on the outside of their right hands.

The musical artists are seen raising their hands to their face and looking down at the ink in the picture.

Scott and Cudi have worked on a number of songs together including on a number Way Back and Through the Late Night. The father of one has called Cudi one of his favorite rappers, and said he is one of his biggest inspirations and motivators.

‘I idolize Kid Cudi a lot. That’s like, my favorite artist,’ Scott said during a Beats 1 special, ‘He created a world for kids like me, who wasn’t just like, the ultimate like drug dealer.’

There was, of course, a Slurpee machine, plastic wrapped junk food and neon lights as well as gas station themed decor like paper towels, motor oil etc at the party.

Notable attendees included Shanina Shaik, French Montana, Travis Barker, and Machine Gun Kelly. Kylie treated her beau to a giant Cactus Jack trainer cake at the bash, and a Lamborghini before it.

The reality star’s social media birthday post dedicated to her man hinted, not so subtly, that she wanted to have another baby with the musician.

Her Instagram caption read: ‘let’s f– around and have another baby.’ The couple share a daughter, Stormi Webster, who was born in February of last year.

The fashion mogul also contributed to the swirl of rumours that she is engaged to the record producer, flashing a massive ring on her ring finger during an Instagram story Thursday.

‘I don’t know if anyone else is sick right now, but I got this virus going around, and no s–, took me OUT,’ said Kylie, neglecting to mention her jewellery.

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