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Rappers are still spending top dollar on jewelry despite the fact that 2020 has been the worst year in cutting their revenue streams!

I guess as they say, pandemics separate boys from big men as while it is not clear how many are out there doing their thing quietly, many are not doing nothing as they have no money to spend like they used to before!

In case you have not noticed, we are not seeing many videos of rappers spending their millions on jewelry as everyone calls in their wondering dollars just in case things go wrong and the pandemic keeps at it longer!

But put that aside and a few rappers are not feeling the draught and while naming names, put in that list Lil Baby!

The rapper was caught casually just receiving a box full of new watches at Icebox and spending a good amount of dollars which you can officially label a sign the rapper is loaded for real for real!

But as he was checking out, another rapper who isn’t feeling the draught checked in and they ran into each other!

T.I. was also coming into Icebox to get his order of watches, chains, and rings and just as Lil Baby was ready to spend the good old dollars and make it rain!

When the two ran into each other, they exchanged pleasantries and took selfies together before Lil Baby checked out as he was getting late for studio session.

Check out the video below of the two rappers meeting up and let us know on the comments down below if you are waiting for a collab from the two before 2020 is out!

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