Watch NBA Youngboy Lose It After A Purported Fan Stole His $10,000 Ring

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Rappers are known to ice themselves out for their shows but the expectation is they will make it back home with their expensive bling bling after the event.

It was no different when rapper NBA Youngboy pulled up for one of his events all iced out and gave fans a treat worth their spending to see him!

But things took a turn after a purported fan took one of his rings off of his finger and kind of pocketed it! The rap star stopped the show, ordered the fans to stop moving around and then send his crew descending into the crowd to get his ring back!

NBA Youngboy can be heard telling the fans to stop playing with him and return his expensive ring or else…

While it is not clear whether he got it back, it was clear how painful it was losing it, it didn’t matter it was to his beloved fans who have put him in the position he finds himself in today as a star!

Watch the drama unfold down below and let us know what you think on the comments down below. The juice is a dripper.

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