Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
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Rapper Blueface has turned his home into the battleground for his fight club reality show, Blue Girls Club, airing exclusively on his OnlyFans account.

The “Thotiana” rapper shared snippets of his new series on Instagram, and they are the stuff of reality show legend. Blue Girls Club will feature 16 women battling down to one champion, according to Blueface’s OnlyFans.

The “events” take place at the rapper’s residence.

The series has just released its first episode, and if it’s anything like the rapper’s Instagram clips, you can expect most of these women to be fighting in next to nothing.

The fighting is part of a broader reality show concept, where the women are followed around on their adventures. Blueface offered a brief snippet of a brewing altercation on a party bus on Instagram.

Blue Girls Club is receiving love on Twitter from fans of trashy reality shows, as it fits squarely into that category. Women will be twerking, vying for the rapper’s attention, and talking about sex ad infinitum.

A snippet from one of Blueface’s recent Instagram stories, which shows two women throwing random things are each other, has also made the rounds.

A few brief scenes from Blue Girls Club quickly leaked.

An entire episode of Bad Girls Club (which clocks in at just over eight minutes) leaked to YouTube shortly thereafter.

As trashy as the show appears to be, Blueface might be onto something. Twitter user @semiinteresting crowned it “the only true reboot of Flavor of Love,” the landmark reality dating show starring Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav.

Fans who want to see all the irresistibly trashy Blue Girls Club action can subscribe to Blueface’s OnlyFans for $25 a month.

And here below meet the girls as they tell you who they are, why they are on the show and how it is influencing them on a personal level.

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