Wendy Williams Dons A Tiara For Her 54th Birthday

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Wendy Williams plastered on a smile and wore a tiara one day ahead of her birthday, despite her ongoing divorce battle.

The daytime talk show host was spotted leaving work on the eve of turning 55 with a giant crown fit for a beauty queen on Wednesday. She seemed in great spirits, despite this being the first birthday in 21 years without her husband.

Waving to onlookers who sang “Happy Birthday” and photographers that snapped away, it appeared that her divorce drama is the furthest thing on her mind.

That might have something to do with her cast and crew, who celebrated Wendy’s birthday — which happens to be tomorrow — one day early at work.

A work colleague was spotted carrying a colourful cake into the studio. The two tiered dessert looked delicious with a lower half full of sprinkles and purple icing with matching topper for the star.

Wendy also got some special deliveries in the form of presents. A car full of wrapped gifts and shopping bags arrived, with one branding her name from someone named Jazz.

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