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Who Is Black Alien And Why Did He Remove His Ears And Cut Off His Nose

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Black Alien is firstly a human being and his real name is Anthony Loffredo. He is originally from South France, a place called Montpellier. But nowadays nobody knows where he stays since he became the black alien!

He is 6ft tall and so there is that, he is really tall and might shock you if you find him and he is looking like he is looking at 3am in the morning in some alley but what I can’t stop asking myself is WHY!

Why would a man do this to himself?!

Black Alien is around 32 to 33 years old and has bones protruding on his forehead, he has removed his ears and recently removed his nose and don’t forget he has a split tongue!

It has taken him years clearly to do this and to be more precise 7 years! But WHY!

Is black Alien a mad man or a man on a mission?! Stick around as we tell you his story and we can figure it out together and maybe my WHY question will be answered!

Black Alien is what they call a pro body modification! You might recall another man who had some fame after he turned himself in a cheetah complete with a cheetah face! I don’t know where he is nowadays, but he would look like a joke in the face of black alien!

Black Alien has used silicon to have the protruding bones like implants on his face and forehead! He used to be white, so he has used black ink to turn himself black for this project!

So basically, the man in his journey to becoming an alien figures out what body parts to get rid of and what body parts to keep! That’s more like madness!

But yeah that is what he has been doing! Removing his ears, nose and splitting his tongue and I guess the next thing will be cutting the spacing between the second finger and the third and making it deeper and then some how growing his nails longer maybe use fakes and make them permanent!

Needless to say he has piercings all over his body to give his look that enhanced authenticity at being scary and like he is not from around and just landed from Saturn!


So, has the black alien achieved his goal you think of becoming an alien or human/alien? Or is this a major fail when it comes to the optics and how he approached the entire thing!

Firstly, why turn yourself black? I thought aliens are green! Secondly why remove your ears completely instead of making them sharp at the top because I thought aliens have advanced hearing not removed ears!

Then finally I didn’t get that part of splitting your tongue sir, because no alien we have seen has a split tongue but other crazy things coming out of their mouth! However, I will give you the tongue given that it is not clear what they have inside their mouth anyway!

But most importantly is my question; WHY! Are you making any money from this or what is the benefit from doing this project! Because destroying your body like this surely can’t be for own satisfaction alone! It is not enough!

But as you can see black alien has anyway gained following online, he has somewhat fame which is going to keep growing by the way and I hope he finds a way to monetize this because at the end of the day that is all he is doing this for! If he lies to himself, he has another godly given mission then he failed!

Back to you let us know in the comments below. Would you or would you not!

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