Will Smith And His Son Jaden Smith Took Over Coachella

MM Staff
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Will Smith pulled up to support his son Jaden Smith who was billed to perform at Coachella and the crowds loved every single bit of their performance.

Rocking the tens of thousands of fans at once, that stage may have been the most rocked after all.

Will Smith who is working on his bad boys 3 movie did not show any signs of fatigue as he jumped all over the stage and entertained his thirsty fans who kept asking for more.

Projecting his rapper side, he dropped lyrics and punch lines as well as muscle filled shout outs. Jaden Smith was his hype man and ensured his dad had the crowd on check before he took over from his dad and run his set for another 40 minutes.

Watch the two below entertain the crowds and let us know what you think on the comments down below. The juice is a dripper.

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