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Will Smith Blocks Michael Blackson After He Tried Explaining ‘Entanglement’ Meant August Alsina Ate Jada Pinkett’s A$$

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They just shocked the world with their reveal it all sit-down where they talked about the challenges of their marriage which ultimately led to Jada seeing August Alsina and having an affair with him!

Now while the world is trying to come into terms with what just happened. It is Jada’s usage of the word ‘entanglement’ that has taken over the internet after she referred to what she had with August as that! An entanglement!

Now many are speculating on what that exactly means from her point of view as Will offered to her that what she had with August was a relationship and not an entanglement!

Despite Jada anyway sticking to her guns and continuing to refer to her relationship with August as an entanglement throughout the sit-down, many have come up with their meanings to the word in the context of the extra-marital affair.

But it is what Michael Blackson did that caught out eye! The comedian slid into Will Smith’s DMs on Instagram and offered to give him a better understanding of what his wife meant by entanglement!

Michael thinks that entanglement means Jada and August did some freaky sh!t! LOOOOOL!

Will Smith sensing that Michael was taking a route to some personal stuff that he wasn’t supposed to be minding himself with, he quickly interjected by asking him what he meant; the one that means you are supposed to say my bad, didn’t mean to get into your personal business and back off!

But Michael being Michael went on to clarify to Will what he meant even getting deeper than probably Will expected!

He explained to Will that he thought entanglement meant that they did some compromising, complicated position before concluding that he thought Jada meant that August ate her a$$ from the front!

How crazy is that! Well Will reverted by informing him that he was blocking him! Check out the conversation below and let us know what you make of it below! Is comedy boundary-less?!

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