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Willow Smith Opens Up About Her Mother Jada Pinkett Smith & August Alsina ‘Entanglement’

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Fresh from living in her $3 million dollar house, Willow came back to the Red Table Talk ready to make things clear from her perspective especially with the drama that took over the Smith’s family about Alsina!

Pop culture received a new term after Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with her husband Will Smith to discuss her complicated former relationship with singer August Alsina.

After calling her lengthy romance with Alsina an “entanglement,” the word has almost replaced “situationship” in the urban dictionary.

The Smiths have been hush-hush since the married couple appeared on Red Table Talk, and on Monday (September 28), Jada returned to the platform—this time with daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

It can be awkward for any child to watch as their parents openly discuss their breakup and romantic endeavors, but witnessing it unfold for a global audience can be downright embarrassing.

Yet, Willow told her mother that she was proud of the way she handled the controversy.

“Like, when you can be like, ‘I’m with you. I’m going to stand by you and I’m going to hold your hand’… that’s really important,” said Willow. “I want to put it on the table. I’m so proud of you… To be able to see you and dad do that, for me, that was like, ‘OK, that’s the real deal.’ That’s real love.”

Adrienne added that she admired her daughter’s “courage” and Jada said it was one of the most open, vulnerable moments to have to talk about that relationship with Alsina.

“[It was a] full blast of, like, flaws, and feeling and just the total breakdown of any mask.”

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