January 24, 2022

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Witness Testified How Jussie Smollett Allegedly Staged Hate Attack & Wanted To Be ‘Fake Beat Up’

The guy who was reportedly paid by Jussie Smollett to assist him in staging a hate crime took the testimony in the actor’s criminal trial on Wednesday, detailing how he agreed to take part in the hoax because he believed the “Empire” star would help further his own acting career if he did.

Smollett directed nearly every aspect of the alleged fake attack, including the racial and homophobic slurs used by Abimbola Osundairo and his brother Olabinjo.

According to Abimbola, 28, who testified on the third day of the trial in Chicago’s criminal court. Smollett also directed who should throw the punches, according to Abimbola.

As Osundairo said in court, “he indicated that he desired that I pretend to beat him up.”

“I decided to do it because, first and foremost, I felt obligated to him, to Jussie,” Osundairo said. “He also landed me a stand-in position on ‘Empire,’ and I thought that he could assist me in furthering my acting career,” she added.

On a chilly night in January 2019, Osundairo and his brother are at the heart of the dramatic trial as the prosecution’s star witnesses after they admitted to police that they were paid $3,500 to assist former “Empire” star Omari Hardwick in staging the hate crime.

Smollett’s team has denied the charges and said that the individuals had no intention of attacking him in the first place.

Because of his lying to police, Smollett is facing six charges of felony disorderly conduct, each of which may result in up to three years in prison.

“Empire” star Jussie Smollett and Abimbola, who both worked on the show, testified in court that they met through mutual friends in 2017 and became extremely close over the next year and a half as they spent their time together smoking weed, going to strip clubs, and having sleepovers at the star’s Streeterville high-rise.

He claims to have gotten an odd text message from Smollett on January 25, 2019, requesting for his assistance “on the down low” and whether he was willing to meet “face-to-face” to address the situation at 9 a.m. that morning.

After Abimbola was picked up later that day, Smollett sat in the front seat of the actor’s Mercedes Benz and concocted the notorious scheme, according to the actor’s testimony.

After I responded affirmatively, Smollett went on to discuss how the “Empire” studio was not treating him seriously after receiving threatening letters, which Abimbola described as “hate mail.”

Smollett said the letter was addressed to him at the “Empire” studio, and the company did not take it seriously.

“I was perplexed, I looked perplexed, and then he explained that he wanted me to pretend to beat him up,” he went on to describe the experience.

“He informed me that we would want another person to impersonate a beating on him, and he inquired as to whether my brother would be interested in doing so. I responded affirmatively.”

Smollett then drove Abimbola back to his neighbourhood, where he and his brother were waiting to take him up.

In her testimony, Abimbola said, “He told Ola he would want us to pretend to beat him up, and then we went through the specifics of what he wanted us to say and do.”

After mentioning the terms that he wanted us to use against him, such as “Empire,” “f—-t,” ‘n—-r,” and “MAGA, he tells me that he wants me to launch an assault on him with my gun. The other thing he wanted was for me to hit him, but he wanted me to hold back so I didn’t damage him,” he said.

“I was meant to give him a chance to fight back and then finally toss him to the ground, where my brother would tie a noose around his neck and pour bleach on him, in order to create the appearance that he was fighting back.”

A dress rehearsal was scheduled for two days later, according to Abimbola, who testified before the jury. The preparations were finalised in 10 minutes, he said.

When Smollett, who was dressed in a light blue shirt and burgundy tie, looked across the room at Abimbola’s testimony about the alleged “dry run,” he wrinkled his brows in disbelief.

Sunday, January 27, Abimbola claims that Smollett picked up the two brothers and drove them to his neighbourhood, where he showed them the precise site where the alleged hoax was to take place. The assault was scheduled to take place the next day.

In Abimbola’s words, “he said that there would be a camera to film the phoney assault, and he requested that a camera be used to capture the fake attack.”

Abimbola said that Smollett “wanted to exploit the camera footage for media purposes” when he was questioned by special prosecutor Dan Webb about why he wanted the incident documented on video.

Abimbola was repeatedly challenged by Webb why he consented to take part in the hoax, and he said that he felt he owed Smollett something.

“I told Ola that I felt obligated to Jussie and that he had bailed me out, and that he could help us develop our acting careers, and Ola agreed,” Abimbola said of the incident.

Late Wednesday night, Webb proceeded to grill him.

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