Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Woman Accuses Chris Brown Of Putting A Voodoo Curse On Her Son

Chris Brown has had some wild accusations thrown at him this year, but this has to be the most unexpected offence thus far. According to a report reports, a woman from Texas claims that the singer –get this — put a voodoo curse on her pre-teen son.

In fact, the woman and her son flew all the way from Texas to Brown’s home in Los Angeles so that she can coerce him to get rid of the alleged curse.

Police who responded to the scene say the woman brought her son with her to Brown’s home. They told reporters that the woman chucked a Bible onto the singer’s lawn, and claimed it would help lift the curse on her son.

Fortunately, Chris Breezy wasn’t home at the time. He was out partying for Desiigner’s 22nd birthday party.

Eventually, the police detained the woman and her son. After telling police why she thought the singer cursed her son, the woman was taken in for a psyche evaluation while her son was placed in protective custody.

The troubled mother was nothing compared to the deranged, naked woman who broke into Brown’s home back in 2015.

On the day after his 26th birthday, a random woman broke into Brown’s home, got completely naked and waited for the singer in his bed.

She also spray-painted “I Love You” on the kitchen counter and vandalised the singer’s silver Rolls-Royce and his black Range Rover by spray-painting “Mrs. Brown” on both cars.

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