Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
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An Australian shopper has created an incredible one-off dress using 11 tea towels from Kmart, inspiring others to take up sewing as a hobby.

Selika Harris, 37, started sewing quilts in her spare time a decade ago but lost interest after two years. Three years ago, she was poised to pick up a needle and thread again, this time to piece together garments.

‘I saw some people on the Australian sewing advice and inspiration Facebook page used this tea towel to make bucket hats so I was thinking I could make a dress from it as it’s so pretty,’ the shopper from Croydon in Victoria told MM.

The tea towel, which costs $1.50, features a peach-colored backdrop with cockatoos perched on branches.

‘I went to Kmart to get something else and I grabbed seven tea towels as well before ordering more later,’ she said.

She had the vision for the dress in her head so it didn’t take long to piece together the material, sew in a zipper and post the finished product to social media.

‘I pretty much sewed two big pieces of three tea towels for the gathered skirt, back and front pieces. Then I sewed two pieces each for the bodice back and front, plus sleeves,’ she said.

This is the first time she has crafted something made out of ‘odd materials’, usually just using regular store-bought fabric to make dresses, jumpers, and skirts.

And her fellow Australian Kmart shoppers adored the final outcome.

‘Looks fabulous! Makes me want to do a refresher on the sewing machine and get cracking on some great creations – super inspired,’ said one woman.

‘Now that is a clever hack! Great job, love your creativity,’ said another. A third added: ‘I am in love. That is incredible! You should take orders. I’ll take one please’.

Some people had even tried to make other pieces out of the same tea towel.

‘I used a couple of the exact same tea towel to make some face masks and got the rest of one turned into a shoulder bag and a coin purse,’ one lady said. ‘I thought making a floor cushion was a good idea, but this is way better!’ Said another.

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