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Yaya Mayweather Facing The Heat After She Took Her Newborn On A Yacht Ride Complete With Drinking & Loud Music


Yaya Mayweather is facing a load of heat online after she took her newborn on a yacht complete with drinking and loud music!

People got concerned after it appeared she was taking some dangerous stunts while riding with her son!

At one point, Yaya was caught on camera while on IG live on top of a bench with her newborn in her hands while dancing together with her mom so close to the edge of the Yacht you would be forgiven for closing your eyes thinking they were falling over!

In another shot, Yaya breaks out in dance and performance like moves of NBA Youngboy music the father of her son!

At this point Yaya is evidently drunk and many were wondering out loud online if this was being irresponsible!

Yaya had made the announcement on her IG prior to these videos hitting the net talking about her son was about to take his first Yacht ride and noted he was living like that and for people not to play with him!

What was supposed to be a flexing moment failed and now she is about to enter another season of proving to net that she is actually a responsible mom!

Yaya has not reacted to the heat being thrown at her and neither did she return MM’s request for a comment!

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