Yella Beezy Goes Back To The House Where His Father Was Murdered

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In Yella Beezy’s new documentary series, Aint No Going Bacc: Yella Beezy Documentary, the rising rapper brings viewers back to his roots: his hometown of Dallas.

The first of five Ryan Snyder-directed instalments shows the burgeoning star visiting the home where he lost his father to a fatal shooting.

“It was on Mother’s Day,” Beezy tells the camera, looking off into the distance. “I was turning 13 that October. I just remember we pulled up from like, the back way and my mama parked the car kind of where that orange little cone thing is right there and shit. She was like, ‘Something happened to your daddy.'”

He continues: “When I woke up, there was a lot of motherfucking people out here. I don’t know. He ain’t have no shoes on, so I don’t know if the gun knocked his shoes off or what. He was taking the snake in the house. I guess niggas crept up behind him and hit him up.”

“They was saying that he was laying on back with his leg up,” he details further replaying the tragic incident in his mind. “The snake was still locked around him, I think they had to call [animal] because the snake wouldn’t let people touch him.”

He went on to explain how his family moved soon after the tragic incident. This was the first time he’d visited since.

“I be replaying that night in my head like all the motherfucking time,” said Beezy, who famously survived a drive-by shooting last year in Lewisville, Texas just as his breakout hit “That’s On Me” began to pop off.

In the documentary series, which was produced by Beezy’s team, fans are also introduced to Yella’s mother, manager, grandmother and uncle in part one of the series, which will be rolled out online on a weekly basis.

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