Young Thug Says If We Would Have Stuck To The The G-Code And Killed All Rats Nipsey Hussle Would Still Be Alive

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Rapper Young Thug is feeling some typa way and woke up with some lines.

With clear signs he is still in pain over the gunning down of the late Nipsey Hussle in cold blood, the rapper took to his IG stories to vent!

Thugger says if the streets stuck to the G-code where all rats are supposed to die, then Nipsey Hussle would have been alive given he died in the hands of a well known snitch who was still roaming the streets.

The rapper was gunned down by Eric Holder known in the streets as Shitty Cuz who was trying to hang out with him but was told off because he is a known snitch and the story goes he felt disrespected and went took a shotgun and came back shooting hence killing Nipsey.

The two were in the same gang initially, they were at it since day one but it seems Shitty Cuz changed somewhere down the line, went to prison and started telling. This means he had to get sidelined and so when he came out he tried to get back into the family by force!

Now Thugger feels that the streets should reactivate that old code to protect the real ones! One do you think? Is this the right talk or is this careless talk?

Let us know what you think on the comments below.

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